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Whatever the circumstances, on 16July 1969, Aldrin found himself with Armstrong and Michael Collins aboard Apollo 11 as it was launched into space by a Saturn V rocket from Florida's Kennedy Space Centre. "I was the co-pilot, Neil was controlling the spacecraftand Mike was keeping everything ready so he could bring us back from the Moon's surface - rather a critical job," says Aldrin.swiss replica watches "Therocket took off with us inthecommand module (Columbia) andthelunar module (Eagle) was behind us, so once we got into orbit and on the way to the Moon, we had to turn around and get into Eagle and separate from therocket.

"Pictures taken of us during this time have been seen billions of times and mySpeedmaster is there on full display. It'sfunny, but things seem to become more covetable as time goes by - the jacket that I wore inside the spacecraft has been on loan to the Smithsonian for a long time and I have just got it back. Weare thinking of makingareplica because all the millennials are re-Instagramming the picture saying theywant one. I guess it's the same withthe Speedmaster."

There's no doubt that Aldrin is something of a style leader. Eschewing more traditional suits for a flying jacket, stars-and-stripes braces and space socks, each hand is fully loaded with goldrings including his West Point Academy ring and one that was a gift from Muhammad Ali.Rolex Milguass Replica Watches Along with numerous metal and beaded bracelets, his left wrist bears a curiosity that any watch enthusiast would envy: a bracelet double mounted with two Omega watch-heads - a yellow-gold DeVille Chronoscope and a quartz X-33.

When I ask him about the two watchesI expect him to tell me they are set to different time zones, but no. "Oneis a show watch," he says pointing at the Chronoscope. "Expensive, gold, it looks good. But this one, this is the reliable one, more efficient, more accurate and more attuned to space - it'smy backup." Laterhe comes up with amore imaginative explanation, creditinggravity with his decision. "Ifyouhave one heavy watch on, it slipsround to the side of yourwrist. Thisway, gravity keeps everything inplace- one onthe top, oneon thebottom. It's balanced. AndIlike tobea little different."

On his right wrist he wears the new60th anniversary Speedmaster. "This one I'm going to make some modifications to," he says. "I'm going tomake it a Mars watch, so here on EarthI'll be able to tell what time it is onMars." No easy task for a watchmaker,bearing in mind that aday on Mars is 24 hours, 37 minutes, and22seconds long.

During our photoshoot, Aldrin asks us if we have a Hasselblad, referring to the camera he and Armstrong took into space. We didn't, but our photographer had brought along a Polaroid from 1969, which led to a conversation about Aldrin's son Andy, an avid underwater and wildlife photographer who has become resigned to the fact that he will never take a picture as famous as the one his father took of asolitary footprint on the Moon's surface. "It was very distinct so I had to take apicture," he says. "It's very lonesome looking so I was compelled to put my foot down so you could see the boot and the footprint together. That one is not quite as famous though - I guess the lone one really says something about the human print onthe Moon."

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