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Rolex Replica Watches Aldrin photographed exclusively for Revolution on 25 April 2017 at London's Langham Hotel. (Portrait photography by Ben Harries)

Believing he was destined for the stars, Aldrin explains: "My mother was born the year the Wright brothers first flew, her name was Marion Moon, Igot to witness World War II, my father was in the Pacific and Europe, I was in combat in the Korean War and I earned my Doctorate in Astronautics at MIT working on Manned Orbital Rendezvous - docking and reuniting techniques for spacecraft in orbit - which was used in the Gemini and Apollo programmes. Now I develop orbits that go around the Moon and back to Earth, as well as cycling orbits to Mars.Rolex Replica Watches I won't be here to see it but I'm preparing people for the first trips to Mars. I've never been busier in my life."

Encouraged by his friend and military colleague Ed White, Aldrin originally applied to NASA in 1962. White was selected but Aldrin wasn't until the third selection of astronauts in 1963, becoming the first astronaut with aDoctorate, which led to his nickname: DrRendezvous.U-Boat Replica Watches His first space flight aboard Gemini XII in 1966 enabled Aldrin to experience extravehicular activity, when he was tasked with taking pictures of stars at night. "Wewere travelling around and the sun was shining, so we were pretty much just sightseeing," he says, laughing. "I decidedto take apicture of myself and this is how Imadethe first selfie in space."

Astronaut Rolex Replica Watches Aldrin, pilot of the Gemini-12 spaceflight snaps a photograph of himself with the pilot's hatch of the spacecraft open.

Note: The camera used was a J.A. Maurer camera which was used to photograph some of his extravehicular activity.

Just after this experience, which was the last flight of the old Gemini programme, White, who had been working on the first flight of the new Apollo programme, died along with his two fellow astronauts in a fire on Apollo 1 during pre-flight testing. "Everything changed at this point and it is probably the reason that Apollo 11 landed on the Moon," says Aldrin, remembering his old friend. "Originally Apollo 12 was supposed to be the first to land inOctober but the schedule had been slipping and NASA wanted to catch up."

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