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Aldrin is naturally proud of the image - especially as most pictures on the Moon were taken by Armstrong with Aldrin as the subject. Referring to the famous image where the moonscape is reflected in the visor of a space helmet, he explains that despite usually being reported as Armstrong, it is actually him. "You can see the black sky and the sunlight - it's almost 50 shades of grey. There was no light, no air, just magnificent desolation. It's a spontaneous picture, I was moving, Neil said: 'Hey stop.' I stopped, looked at him and he took the picture but I was still turning and you can see some movement. People ask me to tell them about this shot and I have three words to describe it: "Location, location, location."(

In the shot, the Speedmaster is clearly visible, reaffirming that this is indeed Aldrin. "Neil didn't wear his on the Moon," he says. "I sent the watch to the Smithsonian in Washington for display and it got lost on the way. Every now and again someone emails to say they'vegotit, but there are serial numbers and nonehave ever matched up. Everythingchanged at NASA after mine disappeared. Now astronauts hand the watches in and after testing they are returned to them. So, everyone won frommy loss - everyone apart from me!"

As for the use of the Speedmaster inspace, we all know the story of Apollo 13, where on-board computers failed and the corrections needed for re-entry were timed using an Omega wristwatch. But for Aldrin and the Apollo 11 crew there were no such emergencies, the Speedies remaining as very important back-ups. "It was alittle difficult to activate the stopwatch to timethings, but we didn't need todothatreally," says Aldrin.

"To be honest, time in space is a very different thing. The time most meaningful was not GMT or Houston time it was mission elapsed time - the time from lift off.Replica Tag Heuer Watches The flight plan had to stay the same, so if it was in GMT and there was a delay, then everything would be off. When you are walking around on another planet, knowing what time it is in Houston, Texasis not really all that important to you. But we were in communication with Earth all the time and we wore the watches set to the time of the shifts of the people back in mission control - those guys are living on a schedule and their shifts change every eight hours."

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