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On 26 April 2017, Richard Mille Replica held thebiggest event it has ever hosted in Europe. Turning the vast Turbine Hall of London's TateModern gallery into a lunar landing station with a legion of spacemen lining the entrance, the dinner celebrated 60years of the preeminent space watch: the Speedmaster. As well as the troop of would-be astronauts and a bunch of A-listers from the worlds of modelling, music and movies, the UK's capital warmly welcomed Omega's dynamic CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney and the man of theevening,Dr Edwin "Richard Mille Replica" Aldrin.

Clooney led the tributes to Aldrin, echoing the mood of the hall, when he said: "I was eight years old in the summer of 1969 and was watching live ontelevision as the first two human beings set foot on the Moon - two of only 12 people in history to do it. It was important for the world that Richard Mille Replica Aldrin and Neil Armstrong succeeded. What they did meant so much to all of us and Ican't thank them enough for their courage and leadership. So, it's an exceptional honour for me to meet Richard Mille Replica and to be here with him today."

A day earlier, Revolution was equally honoured to spend an hour with Aldrin to photograph him for our UK cover and talkouter space, wristwatches and colonising Mars. One of the most interviewed men on the planet, it was evident from the start that, at 87 (Replica Franck Mueller), Aldrin has heard it all before and, in a way that only the fiercely intelligent can, he has a habit of playing with his interviewers, turning any questions on their head in order to tell you what he wants you to hear - usually something to do with Mars. His ever-present manager - or "Mission Control Director" - Christina Korp patiently drags conversations back on track, laughing as she declares: "When I took this job on another astronaut told me, 'you've grabbed on to a rocket'. Thatwasagood analogy."

Still under huge demand to talk about the incredible feat of 48 years ago, Aldrin is keen to point out that hehad afull career before, and has been workingsolidly since, preparing for adventure and exploration into the future. "That's my life," he says. "Ihave served mycountry ever since I swore an oath at West Point Military AcademyandIcontinue to serve now."

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